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  1. Those who own the assets under NSFDC assistance alone are considered as beneficiaries.
  2. In view of the large number of beneficiaries are still to be covered financial assistance for the existing/stick/closed units shall not be considered.
  3. Financial assistance under term loan/bridge loan/seed capital shall be extended to a beneficiary only once.
  4. Land based schemes should be composite schemes and, therefore, should not merely be confined to providing land.
  5. Under Transport Sector Schemes, only one vehicle per beneficiary/institution shall be considered. The commercial Licence shall be a compulsory requirement for such beneficiaries.
  6. The interpretation of any or all provisions of the Lending Policy by the Board Directors of NSFDC shall be final and binding as to its items, content, purport and/or implementation.
  7. The Board of Directors of NSFDC may from time to time add to, substitute, alter, amend and/or any terms and conditions of the Lending Policy.
  8. In case of any disputes of claims under or arising out of the Lending Policy, Courts only at Delhi, to the exclusion of the other Courts, shall have the exclusive jurisdiction.


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