Disbursement of Funds

NSFDC funds for sanctioned schemes are disbursed only on specific request from the SCAs. The disbursements are subject to the fulfillment of conditions, some of which are given below:

  1. Execution of General Loan Agreement by the SCAs.
  2. Availability of adequate State Government/Bank Guarantee.
  3. Acceptance of Letter of Intent by the authorized official.
  4. Satisfactory level of utilization of funds released to the SCAs as per (Annexure-I).
  5. Repayment of NSFDC dues.
  6. Submission of List of Selected Beneficiaries as per (Appendix-2 to Annexure-I).
  7. Availability of Subsidy, Margin Money Loan and Promoter's Contribution as per the Means of Finance sanctioned.
  8. Identification of assets and suppliers as per beneficiary's choice and in conformity of the terms and conditions of sanction.

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